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Tư Vấn

Located in the "heart" of Bien Hoa, gather many key projects of the city.
A classy life in a modern apartment complex - the largest commercial area in Bien Hoa City.
The chain of utilities is designed with understanding & intelligence to bring modern and comfortable life to the elite community.
The modern apartment is a trend in developed countries and also a trend in the future. With a new standard of living, raise the level of living value, bring high profitability along with the rapid urbanization rate and increasing housing demand following the wave of development of the industrial park here.
The apartment project is well-invested and thoroughly researched based on the factors that help create value-added products, meet real needs and become easy for lease. And this is also a segment that is always stable in the market.
• Hung Thinh Land - The second largest real estate developer in the country with 4% market share of residential real estate in Vietnam from 2016 to the first half of 2020, will definitely be a guarantee brand for prosperity and satisfaction of customers.
* According to the report updated on September 17, 2020 of Vietcombank Securities Company.
Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock Company (Hung Thinh Incons) is a reputable enterprise in the field of investment, design and construction. With the strength in technology and a team of experienced architects, engineers and workers with strong skills, Hung Thinh Incons always strives to complete on schedule, ensure the quality, technique and art of the works.
PropertyX Joint Stock Company (PropertyX) is a professional and effective unit in the field of real estate marketing and distribution. PropertyX owns a team of 1,500 employees and a system of 12 large-scale trading floors in Ho Chi Minh City and throughout the provinces and cities nationwide.
Với tầm nhìn dài hạn cùng tư duy phát triển bền vững và chuyên nghiệp, Công ty TNHH Đại Phúc định hướng trở thành nhà phát triển Bất động sản uy tín. Công ty chuyên cung cấp ra thị trường những sản phẩm bất động sản chất lượng nhằm tối ưu hóa lợi ích cho nhà đầu tư và phục vụ nhu cầu an cư cho khách hàng, góp phần gia tăng chất lượng sống cộng đồng.
Hung Thinh Land is a reputable real estate developer in Vietnam that has successfully developed a series of real estate projects for the past years, providing more than 50,000 products to the market, creating a peaceful residential place for the community. Hung Thinh Land possesses strong financial and human resources and inherits 18 years of experience and reputation from Hung Thinh Corporation.